Peppermint Pal Cookies


Christmas is a time for cookies. Lots and lots and LOTS of cookies. I try to avoid cookie eating for most of the holidays because I know when I get up to Pittsburgh to celebrate with my husband’s family, all bets are off. My husband’s aunt makes DOZENS of cookies. All different types, all amazingly delicious. Containers of cookies are there in the kitchen when you wake up in the morning, on the table during the afternoon, right next to the area you need to help prep dinner. You really can’t escape them. It’s not exactly a problem. I want to work up the courage every year to ask how much butter she goes through during her baking marathon, but then I always shy away. I really don’t want to know. I think there is such a thing as too many cookies, especially during the holiday. Though I also firmly believe your cookie tolerance expands during those last few weeks of Christmas, allowing you to eat so much more than you could or should. Though one cookie I could never tire of are Peppermint Pals.

When these little treasures arrived on my doorstep, courtesy of the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap I participated in this month, I have to admit I was super skeptical. The packaging was SO beautiful, I was almost convinced my blogging buddy purchased these instead of baking them. Although after sampling my first, second and third, I really didn’t even care. All joking aside, these homemade treats were amazing and put my Cookie Swap packaging to shame.

These magical chocolate-peppermint bites came from Allie at Confections + Coffee. While I was excited to share my own Rosemary Lavender Shortbread recipe in Wednesday’s reveal, I was so much more excited to get Allie’s recipe so I could replicate it forever and ever. So while I’m not forcing you to go out and make Peppermint Pals yourself, I am highly recommending you do so. And by highly recommending, I mean I would be horribly disappointed and distraught if you didn’t. Don’t worry if you end up with too many. I’d be happy to take on the extras.

Find Allie’s Peppermint Pals recipe here.


2 thoughts on “Peppermint Pal Cookies

  1. Cookies, oh yes. I have been making batch after batch of dough, Can’t wait to start baking. Probably tomorrow since we will be snowed in. The peppermint pals sound delicious. Your husbands Aunt sounds great, love the idea of a cookie station everywhere you turn. Happy Holidays!

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