Brooklyn Holiday Gift Guide


Still looking for the perfect gift for your favorite chef or baker? Well look no further! Living local isn’t just about local produce and reducing your carbon footprint, it’s also about supporting the local community. If you haven’t noticed, small businesses and artisinal shops are on the rise in Brooklyn. From DIY kits to rooftop salt and adorable kitchen decor, I’ve put together a list of my favorite local finds.

Brooklyn Slate Company

Brooklyn Slate CompanyBrooklyn Slate Company is a collaborative effort from Brooklyn graphic designer Sean Tice and Parsons graduate student Kristy Hadeka. A trip to Kristy’s family slate quarry upstate, lead to some experimentation with how to use the slabs, resulting in some great gifts. The overwhelming response soon led to a full Brooklyn Slate product line. They may be known for cheese boards, but be sure not to pass up the slate coasters. For for $22, in red or black.

Urban Sproule

SprouleWhile Himalayan or Fleur de Sel might seem fancy, how about really impressing your gift recipient with some New York made sea salt. Right here, in Manhattan. Sarah Sproule, founder of Sproule partnered with American Pride Seafood, a local fishing company who collects seawater while fishing off of Long Island. The salt is then extracted on her rooftop in Manhattan. Choose virgin, pure sea salt, or one of the infused flavors like celery, thai chili or grilled ramps. Or better yet, go with a flight of 4 for just $30 and enjoy them all.

Gowanus Furniture

GowanusFurnitureI’m a huge fan of a good cutting board. I’ve been pondering a huge slab board for some time now, but I have no idea where it would live on our already crowded counter. In fact, when we finally do buy a home (on the 10+ year plan now), I have all intentions of making my counter tops one giant cutting board. I once saw a mansion that had been redesigned with an industrial looking kitchen and wooden counters and instantly fell in love. But what’s better than a kick ass cutting board? How about the opportunity to make your own at Gowanus Furniture? Now that’s a pretty cool gift.

Brooklyn DIY

BrooklynDIYIf you (or your giftee) think a cutting board class is cool, jump on the DIY wagon with Brooklyn DIY Supply. Their Etsy shop offers plenty of kits to help create your own products right at home. From mustard to lip balm to soap and more! My personal favorite is the Cocktail Bitters Kit. I’ve actually looked a lot into making bitters myself. While they seem rather easy, the number of ingredients, some common and not some common spices and roots, are a bit overwhelming. And you use such small quantities! What exactly am I supposed to do with the other 14oz of sarsaparilla I’ll have left over? Luckily, Brooklyn DIY’s kit gives you step by step instructions and the exact quantities you need.

P&H Soda Co.

P&HSodaGrowing up, I didn’t drink soda. I was afraid of the bubbles and how they tickled my throat when drinking. I was much more into gulping down water and fruit juices. Of course, that all changed when I convinced myself to like beer. But now, even though beer and champagne have become my friends, I still can’t bring myself to drink commercial soda. It’s just so sweet. Though I have become a huge fan of artisinal sodas and am considering getting my own Sodastream. To stay away from the commercially sweetened mixes, P&H Soda Co. makes some pretty awesome syrups like hibiscus or grapefruit to help jazz up your seltzer. Or even better, take the DIY route and get their book with 70 recipes you can make from scratch.

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    • Haha I know! I think the only thing I don’t personally want right now is the cutting board for space issues. I considered tagging all my family as in “ehem…get this for me…” Too much? 🙂

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