And She Rises from Boxes


Heeeeelllllllllllllloooooooooooooo! For those of you who think I fell off the face of the earth, I’m SO SORRY. I’m back, though it may take another week or so until things get back to normal. For those of you who are thinking, “What? Melissa was gone for almost two weeks?” Well, I know who’s getting cut off this year’s Christmas list.

We moved last weekend. Still in Brooklyn, really just a few blocks from our old place, but now in a house, not an apartment building, and with a bathroom that doesn’t make you think of bumblebees. It’s been close to seven years since I’ve really moved. I mean, we went from a one bedroom to a two bedroom in our old place, but it was literally right across the hall. We moved everything over the course of 3 weeks and  could take our time placing things exactly where we wanted them. Real moving is tough. People talk about the packing and lifting heavy furniture, but no one reminds you that it will disrupt your life for weeks, maybe even months.

Pre-move, there’s the packing. You pack what you don’t use too often first, then the things you can live without for a week, then the night before, necessities that you’ll need ASAP in your new place. As carefully as you might try to label boxes as to their exact contents and what room they should be in, it never works. A walk down the street to the laundromat took over half an hour this morning because I had to locate the granny cart, dig up the laundry bag from under a pile of who knows what, then racked my brain for 15 minutes to figure out where I had last seen the detergent. Cooking is a problem too. Dinner the other night was supposed to include a can of black beans. I still have yet to discover the can opener.

So please, bear with me. I do have some fantastic recipes from my last place, ready to get written up and even one (hopefully more soon) from the new place. The kitchen is a bit smaller and while we have a floor to ceiling pantry, it’s no longer walk-in and probably a quarter the depth of our old one. Soon it will feel like home. This weekend you can (hopefully) look forward to some great Halloween ideas, courtesy of Pinterest and some of my favorite bloggers, plus a recipe anyone can make, with just one pan and minimal tools.

Back to unpacking!

6 thoughts on “And She Rises from Boxes

  1. Uh, WP ate my comment. So .., as I was saying: Moving can be very stressful but the worst of it is behind you and unpacking and opening boxes can be fun and full of surprises. Congratulations on your new home and look forward to your Halloween recipes!

    • I was just saying it was like Christmas the other day! Each item, carefully wrapped up in paper, waiting to be opened. Situating everything is another story but we’ll get there.

    • Yeah I’m excited to be in a house. No one above us though I am a bit overly cautious of our noise levels right now because our landlord lives below. We sacrificed a little space but definitely a better situation. Now if only it was all ours 🙂

  2. Good luck with the rest of the unpacking Mel! Argh, I hate moving. It’s stressful, seems never-ending and there’s constant mess. It’ll all pay off in the end though. I hope the new place will automatically feel like ‘home’. Cannot wait to see some of your new beautiful recipes… when you’re ready, of course. There’s an automatic understanding between bloggers that life stuff comes before blogging stuff at times. We will be here when you’re all set to go! xx

    • My husband seems to think it’s okay to have unpacked boxes for years. I’m more of the mindset, if you haven’t used it in 2 years, get rid of it. And yes, life always comes first, but the stress of moving and unpacking makes me anxious to get back to the computer where I belong. Things will become more normal soon…

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