Life in the Adirondacks

Mirror Lake

I love Brooklyn just as much, maybe more even, than the next person, but everyone needs an escape. This week I’m up north in the Adirondacks. I had huge intentions of blogging this week, but vacation laziness has set in even after just one day. Generally it takes me a few days to really relax and get in the vacation grove, but everything here is perfect. Cold, but perfect.

We rented a (very) cozy cottage in Keene, NY for the week, just 15 miles east of Lake Placid and right smack in the middle of the high peaks. I’m not sure how many high peaks we’ll actually climb–my longest hike to date is about 8 miles with a 1000ft assent. Here we’re talking at least 5 miles but more importantly 2000+ climbs. Even the short hikes are pretty high so we’re talking straight up in very little distance. So we shall see. Most of the week poses threats of rain, so that’s an issue too. BUT we’re on vacation. Isn’t amazing how the little things you normally stress or complain about suddenly don’t matter anymore? I hate being soggy, but spent a 5 day trip to San Fransisco completely soaked and loving every minute of it. And there’s plenty more than just hiking here. Olympic attractions, quaint shops, museums and of course food.

Marquette Grapes at Victory View Vineyards - A Surprise Discovery on our Trip Upstate

Marquette Grapes at Victory View Vineyards – A Surprise Discovery on our Trip Upstate

So I don’t really know how much you’ll be hearing from me this week. Perhaps a post or two. Maybe a new recipe. I read about a shop that promises venison, something I’ve been dying to cook with. Plus there’s a circa 1950s crockpot sitting here in our kitchen. You know I’m just itching to use it. How great would it be to come home from a long hike, welcomed by venison stew?!

Of course we stopped at the Keene Farmer's Market

Of course we stopped at the Keene Farmer’s Market

If not this week, then certainly when I get back I’ll have plenty to share. But for now, I leave you with beauty.

My new ducky friend

My new ducky friend


My husband on The Brothers

My husband on The Brothers


Sunset over Mirror Lake, Lake Placid

Sunset over Mirror Lake, Lake Placid


An accidental shot but pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.

An accidental shot but pretty much sums up how I’m feeling.




17 thoughts on “Life in the Adirondacks

    • I know! It’s amazing and I’m already so relaxed. We’re trying to figure out how we can swing getting a weekend place up here, but I think it’s too far. Our dream (you know, when I become a rich and famous blogger) is to live in Brooklyn and have a weekend place upstate, off the train, were we can keep a car too.

    • Not sure venison stew is as likely anymore, but certainly using the mid century crockpot sometime this week. I already have stuff for sausage (with sage, rosemary and thyme) and peppers that I’ve never tried in the crockpot. Here’s hoping!

  1. Great pictures!! My husband and I enjoyed Lake Placid for the olympic venues. We just got home from a hiking trip in NH. We are thinking of going to Lake George next year and do some hiking there. Your pictures definitely are a good inspiration!!

    • What was it like in NH? We’ve hiked a bit, more local NY/NJ but my husband’s aunts gave us a stay at their Maine cottage as a wedding gift so we spent a lot of time in Acadia last summer. Now we kind of have the hiking bug. Did Cascade, the easiest of the high peaks today and it was pretty strenuous . Need to get in better shape so we can start checking off the other 45 soon!

    • NH is fabulous! This is our third year of hiking in NH. We have been to Crawford Notch, Franconia Notch, and Pinkham Notch. I have last year’s pictures and videos on my blog and will be posting this year hikes. You can find really easy hikes that with little effort you are rewarded with beautiful views. Last year we hiked a few waterfalls that were definitely challenging for me. They have smaller mountains like Willard that is a 900 feet elevation gain. Plus much larger ones. The terrain can be difficult with large boulders, tree roots, and steep climbs. But it is very beautiful and you can find hikes of all levels. And if a hike becomes too difficult you can always turn around. We did do that when a hike turned into a straight up climb that was more of rock climbing than hiking.

    • That sounds amazing. Just followed you to make sure I get the updates 🙂 I used to do an annual trip to the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky ever March when in college. We would do this one hike that ended at a waterfall and part of the “initiation” was to go under it. The first time I went it was half frozen and I stood on sold ice. It was one of the most amazing experiences of my life–haha, looking back lucky I didn’t get hypothermia. 🙂

  2. We were up in the North Country visiting friends just a few weeks ago. Still in love with it after all these years. Keene is a sweet little village. Enjoy!

    • We really lucked out with location. Sean wanted to be in the High Peaks area but we didn’t know much about the towns, so basically picked by what’s cheap. I do wish the kitchen had more than two burners and was a bit better stocked, but being next door to Stewarts almost makes up for it. 🙂

    • Haha, if living vicariously you might want an umbrella or poncho for the next few days. We’re hoping for some sun tomorrow to check out the waterfalls and smaller mountains.

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