Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

Hawaii Sunset

I’ve traditionally been a failure at having my camera out at opportune moments. Too many events have passed where I think back and say “oh, I wish I had more photos of that”. Part of the problem is I myself am not super photogenic, a trait that showed itself too well in our wedding photos. So most often when I do have my camera around it captures objects–food, plants, landscape–rather than people. My quantity (not sure of quality) of photo taking has improved since receiving my iPhone for Christmas. It certainly takes better pictures than my point and shoot, though with all the food photography I’ve taken this past year, I dream of the day I can own a real camera.

Hawaii 3

This year’s Weekly Photo Challenge encourages us to capture the Golden Hour, the first and last bits of light that come into each day. These photos may not be of the highest quality, but they’re special and of one of my favorite memories. Three years ago I married my best friend. Our beautiful locavore wedding was topped off with almost two weeks in Hawaii. It was difficult to settle on the destination. Everyone goes to Hawaii, it’s so cliché. We are not beach or resort people but fell in love with the natural wilderness of the Big Island. We hiked, rode horses, star gazed and of course ate. These photos are from the top of Mauna Kea at sunset. The inactive volcano is one of the best sites for world astronomical observation. It’s summit hosts over a dozen telescopes funded from countries around the world.

Hawaii 2

Yes, we were in Hawaii and yes, those are parkas we’re wearing. Over hoodies and several other layers. The tour guide told us stories of winter snowfalls on the peaks and how people would drive up in the winter and snowboard or sled down. The trip to the summit marked one of our final nights on the Big Island. Sure, we still had 3 nights in Maui left on our honeymoon, but leaving the Big Island was hard. We hope to go back every 5 years, to say hello to our favorite island and visit some new ones. Two more years to go. It feels like eternity.

14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: The Golden Hour

    • Thanks! Yeah, I didn’t realize either. I laughed a bit when they started handing out gloves and parkas but oh boy was I glad to have them once we got up there!

    • I know! We set the plan of every 5 years and my husband wants to go right away. So do I but there’s also so many other places I want to see.

  1. You look like you could be in Alaska with all those layers, great photo’s and Hawaii I have heard is just beautiful. Lucky you!! I have a camera but still use my iphone, honestly the pictures are better. I still haven’t figured out the lighting issues with the camera and I don’t like the quality of indoor photo’s with my camera, outside in the light it’s great.

    • The iPhone is nice because I always have it, but I would like to get a DSLR and almost set up a mini photo studio in my kitchen for food photography. My brother has one that he uses very little. I just need to “borrow” it for a while.

    • I have the Canon Rebel XTi I think T4. Bought it from Kate at Food Babbles when she got a new one. I have yet to figure out lighting in the house. Have to study but I do love my iphone!!

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