Brooklyn Locavore Restaurant Week

Restaurant Review

I’ve made an executive decision here. And I can do that. Why? Well, because it’s my blog. I have decided to dub this seemingly ordinary week of May Brooklyn Locavore Restaurant Week. If you haven’t noticed, I write a fair bit of recipes here. I also love dining out. At restaurants that focus on farm to table and seasonal ingredients, of course. And I take a lot of pictures, like I do with most anything that involves food these days. What I’m not too good at is sharing. It’s not that I don’t want to rave about ever delicious morsel that enters my mouth, it’s more the fact that I don’t want to be like every other foodie that reviews restaurants. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people review restaurants and everything is the best. Best bloody mary I’ve ever had. Best pasta dish. Best, best, best. Well, what is it? Is this the best meal you ever had or is it one of those dozen other meals you claimed to be the best?

Of course, if you’re writing about a restaurant, you’re going to have good things to say. Why else would you take the time to do so? Unless of course, it was a really awful meal and you want to make sure no one is ever subjected to the same torture. But really. EVERYTHING CAN’T ALWAYS BE THE BEST! So pretty much, I’ve put off writing about restaurants I’ve dined at over the past few months for fear of becoming the “best” blogger. But that’s all about to change! By creating Brooklyn Locavore Restaurant Week (and telling you all about it), I’m forcing myself to write about these places. Because once you say it out loud, or put it in (internet) print, there’s no turning back. So each day this week, I’ll tell you about a different spot. Starting tomorrow. I want to give you a subjective opinion of these places. Of course, there will be a lot of positive thoughts, but hopefully a few missteps or negatives too. And if I turn into that “everything is the best” blogger, please, PLEASE stop me!


Brooklyn Farmacy


Brooklyn Commune

Blue Hill at Stone Barns

11 thoughts on “Brooklyn Locavore Restaurant Week

  1. I am excited to read your reviews as a fellow Brooklynite, I hate going to a restaurant and the food totally sucks. I love getting the scoop so I can make an informed decision on where to eat. Look forward to your reviews.

    • Thanks! I want it to be all about Brooklyn, not just food I cook that is seasonal but restaurants, vendors, mom and pop shops, etc. The cooking/recipe part is easy. The rest I need to push myself a bit more 🙂

    • God bless you if you find the recipe writing easy. It drives me UP THE WALL!

    • Haha, it took me a while to get used to. I was never good at recipe measurements. But it is nice to know that once I find a recipe that works I can always duplicate it. Rather than struggling to remember, how much of that did I use?

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