Preserving the Harvest: Zucchini

Cooking and eating during the summer and early fall is pure bliss. Almost every food imaginable is available. Sometimes we take it for granted, especially when it starts to get dark and cold and those harvest goodies are no longer seasonal. So one solution is to preserve the harvest, through canning, freezing and drying. I’ve canned a ton of things this year, and froze some goodies too.

Here’s a super easy way to preserve zucchini for use in breads and muffins. No blanching needed–just shred and freeze. When you’re ready to use, just defrost the zucchini and dump it in the batter! Easy as pie bread.

Step 1: Shred Zucchini

Step 2: Freeze in recipe sized portions (I go with 2 cup containers)

Step 3: Defrost zucchini and use in your favorite recipe!
(recipe and photo from Smitten Kitchen)

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