Harvest Fest is in the Air

I know, it’s been a while (well, a few days) since I’ve posted, but this weekend has been busy, busy busy. I LOVE Fall. With such beautiful crisp weather outside, do you really expect me to be sitting inside blogging? The weekend started with one of my favorite events of the year: Stone Barns Harvest Festival in Pocantico Hills, NY! Adult and kiddie events all thrown together with Stone Barn’s regular Saturday Farmers Market plus some awesome food vendors like Irving Farms Coffee, Balthazar Bakery and Kelso Brewery!

This was my third Harvest Festival. I don’t want to say it was the best, because each year can vary so much. What is great is even if you go every year, you can still find something new. The first year we did some of the more farm related activities, like the garden tours and harvesting eggs from the chickens. Until we realized those activities are probably best left for the little people. I might have trampled a few kids just to make sure I could get my egg (sorry parents). This year the weather was perfect, a bit overcast, but the rain held off. We spent most of our time wandering the market, sampling and eating. Of course we had to say hi to the animals! Every time I see those cute little piglets, I want to take one home. That is until I see their parents, and realize there is no way they’d ever fit in my Brooklyn apartment, unless I was willing to give up my own residency.

And then there’s the adult educational workshops. I prefer the alcohol based ones. Because really, doesn’t alcohol make everything just a little better? Last year Sixpoint Brewery and Kelso talked about blending flavors into beers. I was sad that there wasn’t another beer workshop, but instead Stone Barns went for cocktails. We learned about Stone Barns’ own busy bees and honey (sold out unfortunately) and how to bring out their flavor in cocktails. We were also tempted by Stone Barns Gin, only to learn its only sold in their restaurant. Next time…

If I was nice, I probably would have wrote about it before the actual event, but it sells out every year. So if I told too many people, I might not be able to get tickets myself. But seriously, next year, put a save the date on your calendar. The festival is generally one of the first weeks in October and tickets go on sale in late August. To make sure you don’t miss it, get on Stone Barn’s email list!

Just a few of the Stone Barn residents–the piggies were my favorite!

Hay Rides! Um, for the kids, of course…

Learning to stay healthy during the winter with medicinal herbs

Irving Coffee–my favorite! A little on the pricy side but worth every penny!

Meet the Stone Barns Bees! They honey helped make some pretty tasty cocktails


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