First Brooklyn Flea, then Smorgasburg

I raved about Brooklyn Flea in Williamsburg a few weeks ago and encouraged you to visit Smorgasburg as well, even though I had yet to go. Well I’ve gone, and it wasn’t quite what I expected–it was so much more. 40 plus food stands. That’s right more than FORTY! I have to admit, as exciting as it was, I was a bit overwhelmed.

I figured it isn’t fair to name favorites, since obviously I didn’t try all 40+ stands. I have a good appetite, but I can’t eat that much. So instead, I’ll just share what I did try!

Blue Marble Ice Cream

I am a bit biased about this one. I get it all the time from the Bay Ridge Food Co-op and I have to say some of the best ice cream I’ve ever had (besides my own of course!). Their chocolate is amazing–rich and creamy but not too sweet. I hardly ever order chocolate ice cream because it always tastes cheap, but not this stuff.

Brooklyn Piggies

Seriously, how can you not love pigs in a blanket? They’re cute and delicious. These were a bit bigger than your typical piggie but at $5 for 3, a bargain I think. They have original, spicy and chicken. I went for one of each. The spicy isn’t exactly 5 alarm, but almost too spicy for me (I’m a wimp). Bonus: local and sustainably farmed.

The Cookie Guild

Delicious cookies. Baked with beer. Need I say more? After making my beer cupcakes, I’ve learned beer=moist baking. So these Cookie Guild folks are onto something. I sampled Virgin Chocolate Chip, Drunken Sansa (Magic Hat Circus Boy White Ale) and Chocolate Stout Hyperdrive (Left Hand Milk Stout).

For more info about Smorgasburg and all the Brooklyn Flea locations, click here.

4 thoughts on “First Brooklyn Flea, then Smorgasburg

  1. Smorgasburg is my obsession. I don’t know how I ever lived without it. Every time I go I become completely into something new. Anarchy in a Jar…I swoon.

    Erin –

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