North Fork Not Napa

I love Brooklyn, but I love the fall and harvest much more. As we get into September and October, you’ll rarely find me in Brooklyn or any of the five boroughs on the weekend. I try to escape the city as much as possible, get out to the country, see the leaves and enjoy the fresh air. This weekend, we’re off to Long Island.

My favorite winery, Lenz, is hosting their Annual Merlot World Classic, featuring over 60 wineries, both new and old world (including some right here in LI!). Merlot is probably one of my least favorite grapes, or at least it was until I started exploring the North Fork wineries. Now it’s become one of my favorites. The growing conditions are just perfect and you get nice, soft tannins without a harsh ending (or harsh hangover).

Besides the event at Lenz, we fully intend to visit some of our other favorite wineries and build out our home wine cellar a bit. After the weekend, I’ll be sure to update you on what I saw and sipped, but for now, I wanted to share some of my Long Island favorites.

Favorite Overall Wineries (in no particular order)



Anthony Nappa

One Woman


Favorite Tasting Rooms

Winemaker’s Studio


One Woman


Favorite Wineries with Outdoor Space



Favorite Wineries with Music

Sparkling Point

Favorite Inns (so far)

Andrew’s Legacy

Shinn Farmhouse

For an easy listing of wineries, tasting hour times, events and directions, visit

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