Locavore Challenge #7: Create A Blog

Image borrowed from The Colourful Eyes

Yep, I think I got that one covered. I just wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who reads my rants and raves. I look at my blog as a three part project.

Part 1 – Writing Therapy

I’m so excited to know that people read, like and are COMMENTING on my blog! It makes me feel very special, all warm and fuzzy. But to be totally honest, even if no one was reading, I would probably still blog. It’s a form of therapy. I cook to relieve stress and I write too. If you haven’t already noticed, I have a bit of a quirky sense of humor. I mean, come on, yesterday, quee-shee? Who says things like that?! ME! That’s who. So I write and cook and joke and just have fun with it.

Part 2 – Recipe Archive

If you haven’t noticed, I cook. A LOT. Sometimes I follow recipes, sometimes I tweak stuff that I find in one of my many, many, many, many cookbooks, but most times, I just wing it. I get a hankering for a certain type of food, think about what flavors it’s composed of and how I can archive that, then experiment. Sometimes there are complete disasters. Attempt at baby back rips? Pretty bland. First time roasting a duck? Awful. Then there are the times when I churn something out that’s okay but not quite up to par. Something I can work with and improve. It’s taken me a long time to master chili and gravy even. Then there are those times where food is just magical. It comes out perfectly! But when I try to make it again 6 months later, I can’t for the life remember what was in it. So I blog about it. Then I get to go back and recreate, maybe even tweak a bit.

Part 3 – YOU!

Even though I said I would probably still blog if no one read, you guys still account for 33% of why I do this. It’s so exciting to see people reading and interacting. I love the new foodie blogger community I’ve uncovered. So because of you, I write blog posts at 10pm, sometimes 2am. It’s fun to cook, but it gets tough sometimes. Then there’s the whole thing about remembering to photograph, writing down the recipe and finally actually posting it. That takes a whole lot of effort, when I could be sitting here, watching my marathon of Breaking Bad. But I do it, because of you. Because I have so much fun cooking or come up with something new and I want others to know. Then get excited as each like or comment comes in.

So there you have it. My three reasons for blogging. And it meets another Locavore Challenge! But seriously, if you don’t blog, I highly consider you to. It doesn’t have to be about food, it can be able anything, something you’re passionate about. You might think you have nothing to say, but start typing. The words will come out. And people do listen. I mean hey, if you’re actually reading my blog right now–I don’t think I’m particularly interesting–anyone has a shot.

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