In a New York State of Mind

Our trip to Maine was extraordinary–food, hiking, mini golf, canoeing, wine, beer, more food. Yet, no matter how amazing a vacation might be, there’s nothing like being back home, in your own (steamy!) apartment, sleeping in your own bed. There are always things I miss about Brooklyn when I’m away…but that’s not to say I won’t miss things about Maine too.

What I missed about Brooklyn

  • THE WATER–I don’t think I drank nearly as much water before I moved to NY and liked it! Something about the mineral balance…I don’t know, it’s just GOOD.
  • BLUEBERRIES–Crazy to think in Maine, the blueberry state, I didn’t enjoy a single fresh berry. Their season starts in August–I prefer our growing season better.
  • CAR(less)–It was a strange concept to have a car again for a full week and have to drive practically everywhere. I prefer my semi-reliable MTA and own feet, thank you.
  • ROUTINE–Change is good but there’s also something to be said about routine. I loved trying exploring new places to find local goods in Maine, but I also missed my routines of greenmarkets and coops.

What I’ll miss about Maine

  • SEAFOOD–Sure, NY has great seafood, but you can’t beat seafood caught just hours ago from the harbor right next to you, for a fraction of NY’s prices.
  • FARM STANDS–GrowNYC’s networks of greenmarkets are fantastic, but it is pretty amazing to get fresh produce and pastured eggs at pretty much any little farm stand (or homes even).
  • WEATHER–A bit warm in the day but breezy without AC in our cottage at night. Seriously Brooklyn, still 86° when I was coming home at 10PM?!
  • PACE–Things were just (a bit more) peaceful and slower. It was quite a jolt back to reality in our cab ride home. I might have left hand imprints on the backseat.

Sometimes there’s just no place like home.

Tell me what you think!

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